Clear Urinal Blockages. Prevent Urinal Blockages.

Industry leading urinal chemicals.

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ORPHEUS. Non-Acid Drain Cleaner.

A safe alternative to acid drain cleaners.

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Drainage System Grease & Fat Control.

Enzymes to keep pipework clear.

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Legionella Control

Sanitising Treatment. Descaling Treatment.

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Welcome to Chemassist


Chemassist research, develop and supply specialist chemical treatments designed to clear blocked drainage lines and maintain them in a free-flowing state. We have particular experience in the treatment of blocked urinal pipework, and in the control of grease and fat build-up throughout a drainage system - including preventative maintenance to grease traps, sumps and main-drainage lines.

All of our products can be supplied for use by your own maintenance team - and can be purchased online. Or alternatively, Chemassist can carry out the treatment for you if required.

We have a reputation for exemplary service and product quality. This has allowed us to establish a client base that is spread across all aspects of industry and commerce. We advise and supply customers throughout the entire UK and have appointed agents in France, Italy and Germany. As our name implies we are here to assist you.

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