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Chemassist®. About Our Company.


Our Products & Services.

Chemassist® research, develop and supply specialist drainage chemicals, for the treatment and prevention of blockages to the entire drainage system - blocked urinals and urinal pipework - the control of grease and fat - pipework blockages leading from sinks, basins, showers, toilets, gullies and drains.

All of our products can be supplied for use by your own maintenance team, and can be purchased online. Alternatively, Chemassist® can visit your site on a regular basis, and carry out the treatment for you.

About Us

All of our products have been designed to be extremely high performing - yet are safe to use. They require the minimum of safety measures, and are safe on all metals, plastics and ceramic surfaces. 


Our Voluntary Commitments & Compliance.

CHEMASSIST’s primary objective is to produce high performance products, whilst making the working environment as safe as possible, and to reduce the public risk of acid attacks. We DO NOT supply any chemical substances or products that contain:

• Sulphuric Acid

• Sodium Hydroxide

• Hydrochloric Acid

• Ammonium Hydroxide

• Sodium Hypochlorite

Where applicable we will conform with all Government Acts and Regulations, with regards to the supply of corrosive substances to individuals under the age of 18. Chemassist primarily supply only business-to-business, but still reserve the right to apply Challenge 21/25 age verification procedures should we have any doubt as to an individual purchaser’s age.


Our Reputation.

Chemassist® have a reputation for exemplary service and product quality. This has allowed us to establish a client base that is spread across all aspects of industry and commerce: Great Institutions - Local Authorities - Industrial Companies - Educational Establishments - Hospitals - Hotel Groups - Sporting Venues. OUR CLIENTS page lists a small selection.

Japanese Proverb

We advise and supply customers throughout the entire UK and have appointed agents in France, Italy and Germany. As our name implies we are here to assist you. For further information regarding our products and services, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.