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Discounts available to service providers on regular bulk order drainage chemicals.

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CHEMASSIST® supply regular bulk orders to a range of service providers throughout the UK and Europe - washroom maintenance, drainage maintenance and facilities management companies etc. Worldwide deliveries are also available. Our drainage chemical products are highly effective - requiring the minimum of safety measures when used.

Bulk order price discounts are available for such companies who require larger quantities of drainage chemical - for regular weekly/monthly maintenance contracts and/or general usage.

BULK ORDERS: 240 litres and above - delivered on a pallet.

PRICE DISCOUNTS: Discounts are available for regular purchase orders of 240 litres and above on the following products.


Products to treat urinal blockages.

URIC XTREME® - Urinal Unblocker and URIC® FREEFLO - Urinal Maintainer are specifically for treating urinal blockages. Use URIC XTREME® to clear the blockage. Then use URIC® FREEFLO regularly to prevent the blockage returning.

URIC XTREME - Urinal Unblocker and URIC FREEFLO - Urinal Maintainer

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Product to treat all other blockages.

ORPHEUS - Alkaline Drain Cleaner is for treating blockages in kitchen sinks, washroom basins, showers, toilets, gullies and drains - all pipework blockages except urinals.

ORPHEUS - Alkaline Drain Cleaner

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