The Christmas Number One

The Christmas Number One

November 28, 2019

The Christmas Number One – Wishing Our Customers A Merry Christmas

Our customers - Covent Garden London.

The new Christmas film "Last Christmas" inspired by the music of George Michael includes many scenes shot on location around London - and in particular Covent Garden.

At this time of year Covent Garden really enters into the Christmas spirit. As a number of our London based customers are located in the Covent Garden area - we get to witness first hand all of the festive season build-up. Some of the theatres we deal with: The Theatre Royal - The Adelphi - The Cambridge - The Palace Theatre - are all on Covent Garden’s doorstep, and all enter into the Christmas spirit with magnificent Christmas tree displays and Christmas lights etc.


Who is our most famous customer - for celebrating Christmas?

This got us thinking: Which one of our customers might be the most famous at this time of year for celebrating Christmas. Might it be some of the theatres we deal with - like the ones listed above, or perhaps the London Palladium - famous for its Christmas Pantomimes?

Chemassist customers - St Pauls Cathedral London

Or might it be some of the magnificent Cathedrals we supply - ranging from St. Paul’s Cathedral in London through to York Minster in the Midlands?


Our Christmas Number One!

After much thought, we decided that our most famous Christmas time customer - and therefore our Christmas Number One would have to be King’s College Cambridge.

Chemassist customers - Kings Cambridge London

Cambridge University is famous the world over at this time of year for their Christmas Carol Service - broadcast from King’s College Chapel - Cambridge University.


Our safe-to-use products.

All of the above institutions have something in common. They all use CHEMASSIST products to maintain their drainage system and prevent it from blocking - not just at Christmas – but all year round. Safety is of paramount importance to these customers. All of Chemassist’s products are considerably safe to use, and require the minimum of safety measures.


Read more about the products.

URIC XTREME & URIC FREEFLO: The UK’s Number One urinal unblocker and urinal maintainer – specifically for treating urinal blockages.


ORPHEUS: Industrial Strength BUT NON ACID Drain Cleaner – clears and prevents blockages in sinks, basins, toilets, showers, gullies and drains (all pipework blockages apart from urinals).



Merry Christmas to all of our customers.

Chemassist® would like to take this opportunity of wishing all of our customers a Very Merry and "BLOCKAGE FREE" Christmas! We would also like to wish you a Happy and Prosperous New Year, and perhaps most importantly, a "SAFE" New Year!

Merry Christmas from Chemassist