Cracking The Code

Cracking The Code Of Blocked Urinals

January 06, 2020

URIC Xtreme has cracked the code of blocked urinals.

Bletchley Park - another satisfied customer: Testimonial from "Bletchley Park" - the world famous Second World War Allied code-breaking establishment. They used URIC XTREME to clear their troublesome blocked urinal system.

Their testimonial:

First and foremost the service from Chemassist was great. Purchasing online was really easy. COSHH data sheet arrived without request. Product arrived in a very timely manner.

The product is just what we’re looking for and worked a treat. It’s so exciting to find something at long last that will unblock a urinal quickly and efficiently. I say exciting because we’ve tried all sorts in the last few years to no avail.

Read more about the product:

Use URIC XTREME® when the urinal is completely blocked, or when the flow is restricted.