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DOSING PUMP - Battery Powered DD1

DOSING PUMP - Battery Powered DD1

Battery powered automatic chemical dosing pump. Suitable for automatically dosing ENZYMATIC Xtra and URIC® FREEFLO. FREE DELIVERY.

    1 - 2 units:
    £245.00 per unit
    3 - 4 units:
    £232.00 per unit
    5+ units:
    £220.00 per unit

    £245.00 ex vat

    (£294.00 inc vat)

Battery Powered - Automatic Chemical Dosing Pump.



The DD1 Unit is a battery powered chemical dosing pump - suitable for dosing ENZYMATIC Xtra (and URIC® FREEFLO - see note below). It can be programed to dose up to two times per day, at times that are convenient to the user.

Please note: The DD1 Unit can also dose URIC Freeflo, if a battery powered unit is your only option. Due to the viscosity of URIC Freeflo, the battery life may be drained at a higher rate than normal. We therefore recommend using the Mains Powered Drain Plus Unit.


Key Features.

• Easy to install and program

• Easy to maintain

• Robust and reliable

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