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ENZYMATIC - Grease Trap Enzymes

ENZYMATIC - Grease Trap Enzymes

ENZYMATIC is an advanced enzyme drain cleaner specifically for dosing into grease traps. Designed for optimum use, ENZYMATIC contains the highest concentration of bacteria and enzymes. Supplied in 5, 10 or 20 litre containers. 20 litres is sufficient to maintain an average size grease trap for up to four months. FREE DELIVERY.

    20 litres:
    £5.95 per litre
    40 litres:
    £5.65 per litre
    60+ litres:
    £5.35 per litre

    £119.00 ex vat

    (£142.80 inc vat)

ENZYMATIC - Grease Trap Enzymes.

Specifically for Dosing into Grease Traps. Controls Grease & Fat.



ENZYMATIC has been specifically designed for dosing into grease traps. For controlling grease and fat build-up within the drainage system. 

ENZYMATIC is a high performance product - the strains of bacteria have been specifically chosen so that a biofilm will be formed: The strains of bacteria will adhere to each other on the internal surfaces of the grease trap and pipework - forming the biofilm. Over time the biofilm will strengthen and spread throughout the drainage system - colonizing new surfaces. It is capable of producing a continuous and renewable source of enzymes, specific to the types of grease and fat that need to be broken down. The formation of the biofilm means ENZYMATIC will provide extremely efficient break down of grease, fat and oils - and is highly resistant to cleaning fluids and disinfectants.


Key Features.

• Digests all grease, fats and oils.

• Controls blockages and unpleasant odours.

• Completely safe to use and kind to the environment.

• Contains no hazardous chemicals.

• Highest concentration/bacteria count.

• 2 year shelf-life.


Method of Use. Dosing into Grease Traps.

Use neat. Dose directly into the grease trap by means of an automatic dosing pump.

INITIALLY: Dose 1 litre manually into the grease trap - by pouring into the relevant sink, or waste inlet that leads directly to the grease trap - and then flush with approximately 5 litres of warm water. Dose immediately after kitchen shut down if possible. FROM THEN ON: Dose at the rate of 1 ml per meal served, per day - via an automatic dosing pump. For an average size kitchen this would be a dosing rate of approximately 150 mls per day. Dosing pump should be plumbed into the pipework immediately prior to the entry point of the grease trap. Time dosing for 1 hour after kitchen shut down. If necessary dosage can then be adjusted until optimum performance has been achieved. Dosing pump can be either mains powered or battery powered.

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