Enzyme Dosing Systems

Enzyme Dosing Systems


Advanced Enzyme Dosing Systems.


ENZYMATIC XTRA Controls Grease & Fat Buildup.

Dose into Grease Traps, Pipework or Sumps.


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THE PROBLEM: Grease and fat building up within the drainage system: Some commercial kitchens have regular quantities of food waste entering the drainage system untreated. This causes grease, fat and oil to build up, that will eventually block the drainage system - causing inconvenience, bad odour, and the need for chemical or mechanical treatment. 

OUR ENZYME DOSING SYSTEMS: ENZYMATIC Xtra is an advanced enzyme based drain cleaner by Chemassist® - developed specifically for use in "high demand" environments such as drainage system pipework and sumps - it can also be dosed into grease traps. Dosed regularly into the drainage system via an automatic dosing pump - it will digest grease, fat and oil - one of the leading causes of blockages throughout the drainage system.

Please note: We use SEKO dosing pumps - and these can be either mains or battery powered. SEKO dosing pumps are arguably the most robust and reliable dosing pumps currently on the market - we use these as standard.

ENZYMATIC Xtra - Enzyme Drain Cleaner


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OUR COMPLETE SOLUTION: CHEMASSIST® can supply, fit and monitor our enzyme dosing systems - specifically tailored for your needs. We will visit your site on a regular basis, to check and maintain the dosing pumps, and to replenish the supply of ENZYMATIC Xtra. An initial free onsite survey and assessment is available - to request a free onsite survey, please click the link below, and then complete the form.

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OUR REPUTATION: CHEMASSIST® have a reputation for exemplary service and product quality. This has allowed us to establish a client base which is spread across all aspects of industry and commerce - these include a large number of prestigious institutions. OUR CLIENTS page lists a small selection.

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