URIC XTREME® does indeed work. In fact, URIC XTREME® is now guaranteed to clear a urinal blockage. If you are not completely satisfied with the performance of URIC XTREME®, we will simply and quickly refund your money.

Both URIC XTREME® and URIC® FREEFLO are safe to use on all ceramics, plastics and metals - including copper. But a word of caution: The build up of uric scale deposits in copper pipework can lead to corrosion. If this is the case: no leakage will occur all the time the gaps are filled with the scale deposits. But, as soon as the uric scale is removed - the holes will appear. So, although URIC XTREME® and URIC® FREEFLO will not corrode copper pipework themselves - as explained above, if the pipework is very old, the best course of action may be to replace it.

Normally, a total application of between 1 and 5 litres will be sufficient to clear a urinal blockage. Start by pouring approximately 1 litre of URIC XTREME® into the urinal bowl or trough, and wait for this to run away. Repeat this after approximately 5 minutes (if necessary) - until the urinal flow is back to normal. There is no need to flush with water.

URIC XTREME® and URIC® FREEFLO can be used in a bio-tank. Both products are extremely fast acting, and are poured directly into the urinal. By the time the products reach the bio-tank, they are dilute enough to cause no harm.

URIC® FREEFLO is used neat. It is usually dosed manually (but can be dosed via an automatic dosing pump). MANUAL DOSING: Simply pour between half and 1 litre of URIC® FREEFLO directly into each urinal bowl/trough once per month. As an example: Chemassist® maintain the urinal systems for most of the theatres in London. We manually dose around half a litre of URIC® FREEFLO per urinal, per month. Considering the large number of visitors to the theatres, half a litre is sufficient to keep the urinal system clear of blockages and free flowing.