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Urinal Unblocker

Chemassist Urinal Unblocker

URIC XTREME® - Urinal Unblocker. Guaranteed to unblock any urinal - 100% money back guaranteed.

Alkaline Drain Cleaner

Chemassist Alkaline Drain Cleaner

Use ORPHEUS to clear and prevent blockages in kitchen sinks, washroom basins, toilets, showers, gullies and drains - all blockages except urinals.

Chemassist Drainage Chemicals

Who We Are

Unique, dedicated products.

Chemassist® research, develop and supply specialist drainage chemicals, for the treatment and prevention of blockages to the entire drainage system - blocked urinals and urinal pipework - the control of fats, oils and grease - pipework blockages leading from sinks, basins, showers, toilets, gullies and drains.

High performance - requiring the minimum of safety measures.

All of our products have been designed to be extremely high performing - yet require the minimum of safety measures when used. They are safe on all surfaces and pipework - including stainless steel, plastics and ceramics.

Our reputation.

We have a reputation for exemplary service and product quality - this has allowed us to establish a client base that includes a large number of prestigious institutions.


Client feeback

We have been using uric xtreme for about two years now in both public and employee urinals and blockages are a thing of the past. We have recently started using the alkaline drain unblocker which has proved a remarkable success. I would recommend these products to anyone on industrial or commercial premises as their use has saved a lot in man hours worked.

Nigel Chant, Network Rail