Lord’s Cricket Urinals

Maintaining Lord’s Urinals

October 24, 2019

Lord’s Cricket Ground - Maintaining The Urinals

Using our URIC XTREME® and URIC® FREEFLO products - Chemassist® have been maintaining the extensive run of urinals, in the Tower toilet block at Lord’s Cricket Ground, for the past 4 years.


THE PROBLEM: For the maintenance team at Lord’s Cricket Ground - manually trying to clear out a blocked urinal and its pipework was proving highly impractical. Due to the fact that the pipework leading from each urinal is hidden behind permanently tiled in walls, with no available access points - makes servicing extremely difficult. These urinals carry a great deal of foot traffic, especially on match days - so keeping the urinal facility open with as little disruption as possible is vital.

THE SOLUTION: Regular monthly dosing with URIC® FREEFLO prevents urinal blockages. This has saved having to remove any urinal and its tiled supporting wall - to access the blocked pipework. If a particular urinal ever proves problematic – perhaps because of it being used a lot more than others (often the urinal nearest to the door) - then a quick manual dose of URIC XTREME® clears the blockage. URIC XTREME® is held in stock by the Lord’s maintenance team as an emergency backup - and is now guaranteed to unblock a urinal.


• Use URIC XTREME® to clear a urinal blockage. Use URIC® FREEFLO to prevent a urinal blockage. 

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