Urinal Maintenance

Urinal Maintenance

June 15, 2020

How to maintain a urinal system post lockdown.

Coronavirus – Moving Forward – Keeping Safe: As the lock down eases and businesses begin to prepare their premises to welcome back their staff and customers, one of the primary areas of concern will be washroom cleanliness and maintenance. Blocked or slow running urinals are not only an inconvenience - they also represent a hot bed of bacteria growth and potential virus transmission.


URIC XTREME and URIC FREEFLO are not only the industry’s leading chemical treatments for clearing and preventing urinal blockages - BUT both products also represent two of the most powerful urinal cleaning chemicals and disinfectants currently available. Both products can instantly clean away urinal bowl and trough stains. These stains are not only unsightly but also harbor bacteria and viruses. Both products also combat bacteria buildup in urinal pipework. If not cleaned away the bacteria accumulate and generate bad odour. The odour is caused by the bacteria becoming airbourne a further potential source of infection. Both products can be used safely on all ceramic, plastic, stainless steel and chrome surfaces.



Use URIC XTREME to clear blocked or slow running urinals - and also as a deep clean chemical.

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Use URIC FREEFLO to prevent a urinal blockage returning - and also as a regular weekly clean, to keep your urinals and washrooms germ free.

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