Prevention is Better Than Cure

Prevention is Better Than Cure

April 07, 2019

Prevention is Better Than Cure

It is often better to think ahead! This is particularly relevant when considering blockages to a drainage system - urinals and urinal pipework, pipework leading from commercial kitchens - pipework leading from washrooms (basins, toilets and showers). It is better not to wait until the pipes are completely blocked - this will be a lot tougher to clear.

Regular maintenance with the right chemical products, at scheduled times, will ensure that your pipes remain free-flowing, and do not block up. Chemassist® can provide safe-to-use chemical solutions to clear "AND PREVENT" blockages to all aspects of a drainage system:


• URIC FREEFLO - Urinal Maintainer. Prevent blockages in urinals and urinal pipework.



• ORPHEUS - NON ACID Alkaline Drain Cleaner. Breaks down a range of organic waste. Prevent blockages in pipework leading from sinks, basins, toilets, showers gullies and drains.



• ENZYMATIC XTRA - Advanced Enzyme Drain Cleaner. Breaks down grease and fat. Prevent blockages in pipework leading from commercial kitchens.