RAC Drainage System

RAC Drainage System

November 11, 2019

Maintaining the drainage system at The RAC.

The Royal Automobile Club.

Another day in the office BUT – WHAT AN OFFICE!! Chemassist® have been visiting the Royal Automobile Club in Pall Mall, London to look after their urinal and drainage line systems for over 20 years - but the building never ceases to impress. The Pall Mall Club House opened to members in March 1911 - it was designed by Messrs Mewes and Davies who also designed The Ritz Hotel.

RAC Marble Staircase

It had innovative features such as an air filtration system to cope with the London soot from coal, electric lighting and even its own Post Office. The interior of the building has all marble staircases and colonnades. 


Maintaining the urinal system.

The urinals and toilet facilities are pretty impressive too. They have polished brass fittings and copper pipework - and even the sinks have the “Bluebird” motor vehicle as figurine taps. 

RAC Urinals

To keep the urinals free-flowing we pour 500ml of URIC® FREELO into each urinal inlet once every month. If a particular urinal becomes slightly slow running – we give an extra 500ml dose of URIC XTREME®.

dosing uric xtreme rac

The RAC maintenance team also hold their own stocks of our products: URIC XTREME® - for clearing any emergency urinal blockages. ORPHEUS - for clearing sink, basin, shower or toilet blockages.


Read more about the products.

URIC XTREME® & URIC® FREEFLO: For clearing and preventing urinal blockages.


ORPHEUS: For clearing and preventing blockages - in sinks, basins, toilets, showers, gullies and drains (all pipework blockages apart from urinals).