Safe to Use Drain Cleaners

October 17, 2019

Our Safe Drain Cleaners

Our Safe Drain Cleaners: Many drain cleaning products contain sulphuric or hydrochloric acid will damage stainless steel and chrome surfaces and fittings. They will also melt plastic pipework unless used under strictly controlled conditions.  Not so with Chemassist’s products: ours have been specifically developed to be safe on all metal, ceramic and plastic surfaces and pipework - including stainless steel, copper and chrome. If you are planning on using a chemical product to combat a drainage issue, or blocked urinal system - it makes sense to ensure that it will not damage your pipework, or any of the surfaces with which it comes into contact. 

Safe for Users too: Our drain cleaners are also safe when used as they will not give off any harmful fumes, and will not cause serious harm if they come into contact with human skin. 

• URIC XTREME® - Safe Urinal Unblocker: Use to clear blocked or slow running urinals.


• URIC FREEFLO - Safe Urinal Maintainer: Use regularly to prevent urinal blockages returning.

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• ORPHEUS: Safe Alkaline Drain Cleaner: Clear and prevent blockages in sinks, basins, showers, toilets, gullies and drains (all drainage system pipework - except urinals).