SCALE DOWN - Limescale Remover

SCALE DOWN - Limescale Remover

A multi-purpose lime scale remover, for the general purpose descaling of sinks, showers, showerheads, pipework, and primary plumbing systems etc. Supplied in 20 litre (4 x 5 litre cases). Free delivery, within 1 to 3 working days.


20 litres:
£6.95 per litre
40 litres:
£6.60 per litre
60+ litres:
£6.25 per litre
Container Size:
£139.00 ex vat
(£166.80 inc vat)

SCALE DOWN - Limescale Remover.

Multi-purpose limescale and sediment remover.


SCALE DOWN is a multi-purpose descaling treatment that is used cold. It will react immediately with any lime scale deposits - breaking them down instantly. Used extensively in industry for the general purpose descaling of sinks, showers, showerheads, pipework, coils and heating elements, boilers, tea urns and kettles etc. SCALEDOWN can also be used in conjunction with LEGIONNAIRE - to treat Legionella Bacteria in high-risk water systems, such as showers, showerheads and air-conditioning systems. SCALE DOWN is compatible with the approved code of practice (Legionnaires’ disease – The control of legionella bacteria in water systems – L8) produced by the Health and Safety Executive in 2000.


Key Features:

• Safe to use, odourless and non-fuming

• Safe on stainless steel and other metal surfaces

• Cold application - therefore quick and easy to use

• Particularly relevant to the treatment of showerheads, against the likely infection of Legionella

• 2 year shelf-life


SCALE DOWN - Limescale Remover


How to Use. General Descaling: Dilute at the ratio of 1 part SCALE DOWN to 5 - 10 parts water (depending on level of limescale build-up). Soak, sponge, or spray diluted solution onto surface, and scrub if required. Then rinse with clean warm water. Finally allow to air dry. For the decaling of pipework leading from sinks, basins and showers: Dilute 1 part SCALE DOWN to 4 parts water. For example add 1 litre of SCALE DOWN to a 5-litre bucket and top up with 4 litres of cold water. Then pour 2.5 litres of the combined solution intio each sink, basin or shower waste. There is no need to flush with water. SCALE DOWN is safe on stainless steel, chrome and other metal surfaces.

How to Use. Treating Legionella Bacteria: STEP 1: Use SCALE DOWN to remove any limescale or sediment buildup from showers, showerheads and air-conditioning systems. Keeping a water system free from limescale or sediment build-up will remove potential habitats for water stagnation and bacteria growth. Use as directed above. STEP 2: Wipe down all hard surfaces with LEGIONNAIRE. This will neutralise any acidic residue and kill any lingering bacteria activity. For further info see: LEGIONNAIRE


Delivery: Delivery is free of charge throughout Mainland Great Britain, and delivered within 1 to 3 working days. For further info, and other delivery destinations see: DELIVERY

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