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SUMP ACTION - Citrus Sump Cleaner

SUMP ACTION - Citrus Sump Cleaner

A citrus based grease degrader, for treating blockages and congestion in sumps and main-drainage lines. Supplied in 20 litre (2 x 10 litre) cases. FREE DELIVERY.

    20 litres:
    £9.95 per litre
    40 litres:
    £9.45 per litre
    60+ litres:
    £8.95 per litre

    £199.00 ex vat

    (£238.80 inc vat)

SUMP ACTION. Breaks Down Heavy Deposits of Grease & Fat in Sumps.



SUMP ACTION is a citrus solvent - that will instantly break down the heavy deposits of grease and fat, found in untreated sumps. It can be used as part of a regular maintenance programme to ensure the efficient performance of the float/sump mechanism and to clean through any external grease interceptors.


Key Features.

• Instantly breaks down heavy deposits of grease and fat

• Easy and safe to use

• Compatible with any type of sump

• Prevents sump failure


How to Use.

The blocked/congested sump or external interceptor should be treated with a neat solution of between 5 and 20 litres of SUMP ACTION. This should be allowed to penetrate the surface for 15 to 30 minutes. The grease and fat will start to break down. The dissolving grease and fat should then be hosed with clean water for approximately 20 minutes. The grease and fat will dissolve back to liquid form - and can then be drained from the interceptor, or pumped out of the sump by switching the pump controls to manual override. Once the sump has emptied, return the pump control switches to automatic. Dosage varies due to size of sump/interceptor, infrastructure of building and amount of usage, and so can be adjusted until optimum performance has been achieved.

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