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Sump Maintenance Chemicals

SUMP ACTION: Instantly breaks down the heavy deposits of grease and fat found in sumps.

ENZYMATIC Xtra: Dose regularly via an automatic dosing pump - to reduce grease and fat buildup in sumps.

ENZYMATIC Xtra - Enzyme Drain Cleaner

ENZYMATIC XTRA is high performance enzyme based drain cleaner, for controlling grease and fat build-up within the drainage system. Supplied in 20 litre cases. 20 litres is sufficient to maintain a pipe-run or sump for up to 4 months. FREE DELIVERY.

from £8.95 per litre

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SUMP ACTION - Citrus Sump Cleaner

A citrus based grease degrader, for treating blockages and congestion in sumps and main-drainage lines. Supplied in 20 litre (2 x 10 litre) cases. FREE DELIVERY.

from £8.95 per litre

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