The Dark Side of Urinals

The Dark Side of Urinals

December 13, 2019

Do not let your urinal system turn to the dark side.

The original "Star Wars" movie premiered in London on the 27th December 1977 - and the latest instalment "The Rise of Skywalker" is released in the UK on the 19th December of this year.


Maintaining the urinals - for the entertainment industry.

Chemassist® supply our unique, and safe-to-use urinal unblocker to film production companies and cinemas throughout the UK - Warner Bros Studios – Movie House Cinemas – Parkway Cinemas – and more. If you too are in the entertainment business - perhaps running a theatre, restaurant, sports stadium or pub - you’ll appreciate how vital your customers’ experience is when visiting your venue.


Don’t let your URINALS - Turn To The Dark Side.

A blocked urinal system can cause much disruption - so don’t let your urinals "Turn To The Dark Side". Plan ahead by keeping your urinal system clear: Use URIC XTREME® to clear the urinal blockage. Then use URIC® FREEFLO regularly - to prevent the blockage returning.

As YODA would say: "Great Urinals They Have!”

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May the force be with you,