URIC FREEFLO - Urinal Maintainer

Use URIC FREEFLO regularly to prevent a urinal blockage. Quick, easy and safe to use - simply pour into the urinal, or dose via an automatic dosing pump. Supplied in 20 litre (4 x 5 litre) cases.

    20 litres:
    £6.45 per litre
    40 litres:
    £6.15 per litre
    60+ litres:
    £5.85 per litre

    £129.00 ex vat

    (£154.80 inc vat)

Use URIC® FREEFLO to prevent a urinal blockage.

Use URIC® Freeflo regularly to prevent urinal blockages returning. URIC® Freeflo has been developed for the specific treatment of protein/calcium build-up in ceramic, plastic or stainless steel urinal traps and the pipework leading from them. It is a unique formula based on phosphoric acid, and has been designed for optimum use as a urinal maintainer. URIC® Freeflo has no odour and will not give off any harsh fumes. It is therefore both easy and safe to use, and if used regularly it will prevent blockages from occurring in the future.

• Quickly, easily and safely removes uric scale.

• Odourless and non-fuming.

• Urinal block can remain open whilst being used.

• Cannot be overused.

• Safe on ceramic, stainless steel and plastic.

• Contains no sulphuric or hydrochloric acid.

• Compatible with any make of urinal system.

• Costs as little as £3.30 per month per urinal.

• 2 year shelf-life.


Method of Use.

URIC® Freeflo is used neat. It can be dosed manually or by means of an automatic dosing pump.

MANUAL DOSING: This method is normally used. Simply pour between 500 mls and 1 litre of URIC Freeflo directly into each urinal bowl/trough once per month. (A `one-man` urinal bowl will count as one urinal; and a `three-man` urinal trough will count as 3 urinals etc.) As an example: Chemassist maintain the urinal systems for most of the theatres in London. We manually dose around half a litre of URIC Freeflo per urinal, per month. Considering the large number of visitors to the theatres, half a litre is sufficient to keep the urinal system clear of blockages and free flowing.

DOSING PUMP: URIC Freeflo can also be dosed into the urinal system pipework, by means of an automatic dosing pump (dosing pump should ideally be mains powered). To dose via this method, a suitable position to house the dosing pump and 5 litre chemical container will be required - this needs to be in close proximity to the urinal outlet pipework. Dose at the rate of 15 to 30 mls per urinal, per day. Normally a dosing rate of 15 mls per urinal, per day, is sufficient. (A `one-man` urinal will count as one urinal; and a `three-man` urinal trough will count as 3 urinals etc.) Please note: If a particular run of pipework has an unusually high build up of uric scale - URIC Freeflo can also be dosed directly into this. 

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  • mark shrosbree, Forest Pines Hotel 

    Excellent product, the only chemical i found, after trying various others, that actually worked on Uric acid scale. would highly recommend.

    26th Apr 2021

  • Libby Connor, BridgeHead Software Ltd 

    Very good product, regularly ordered for the past few years, keeps mens’ urinals in good order. Service good, excellent follow up and quick response to queries, staff friendly and helpful. Would recommend company and product. Usually deal with Mike Pettit.

    27th Jan 2020

  • C Aldridge, Glostermep Limited 

    Locating the product was easy, delivery very prompt, hopefully it will be of good use in our urinals.

    8th Jan 2020

  • Tim Godwin, fosseway Garden Centre Ltd 

    Good service Good product

    19th Aug 2019

  • Suzanne Wells, Park Hill Training Ltd. 

    Very swift service thank you

    17th Jun 2019

  • FIONA BECK, The County Hotel 

    We are so happy to have found this product. We have the freshest & most trouble free urinals in the area! It is amazing how a regular routine with the right chemicals can eradicate any urinal smell. Great advice on the web site. Excellent customer service. Speedy delivery. Definitely recommend both the product & Comany

    8th Apr 2019

  • Margaret Davies, GMP First Energy 

    18th Feb 2019

  • Phil Middleton, harvey nichols 

    25th Jan 2019

  • Ray, Potts Ltd 

    9th Oct 2018

  • LC, BridgeHead Software 

    Good product, very effective.

    6th Apr 2018

  • Amar, HCRC Durga Bhawan 

    Well pleased with the product. Will recommend to anyone.

    9th Mar 2018

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