URIC XTREME - Urinal Unblocker

Use URIC XTREME to clear a urinal blockage. Quick, easy and safe to use - simply pour into the urinal. URIC XTREME is completely guaranteed to unblock any urinal. Supplied in 20 litre (4 x 5 litre) cases.

    20 litres:
    £8.25 per litre
    40 litres:
    £7.85 per litre
    60+ litres:
    £7.45 per litre

    £165.00 ex vat

    (£198.00 inc vat)

Use URIC XTREME® to clear a urinal blockage.

URIC Xtreme® is a quick, easy and safe to use urinal unblocker - developed for the specific treatment of protein/calcium (uric scale) build-up in ceramic, plastic and stainless steel urinal traps - and the pipework leading from them. It has a unique formula based on phosphoric acid, and has been designed for optimum use as a ‘one dose’ urinal unblocker. URIC Xtreme has no odour and will not give off any harsh fumes. It is therefore both easy and safe to use, and will dissolve any calcium/protein (uric scale) deposits that have led to a blockage. Use URIC Xtreme when the urinal is completely blocked or the flow severely restricted.

Currently used by Network Rail: We have been using uric xtreme for about two years now in both public and employee urinals and blockages are a thing of the past. We have recently started using the alkaline drain unblocker which has proved a remarkable success. I would recommend these products to anyone on industrial or commercial premises as their use has saved a lot in man hours worked. Nigel Chant - Network Rail - 5th June 2019

network rail

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• Quick, easy and safe to use.

• Odourless and non-fuming.

• Safe on ceramic, stainless steel and plastic.

• Contains no sulphuric or hydrochloric acid.

• Rapidly breaks down uric scale.

• Cannot be overused. 

• Compatible with any type of urinal.

• 2 year shelf-life.


URIC XTREME is guaranteed to unblock any urinal.

Provided that the product has been used as per the `method of use` given on the product label, and has been used within the shelf life of 2 years - a full financial refund or product replacement, is available to any client not entirely satisfied with the performance.

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Watch URIC XTREME® clear a completely clogged urinal.

URIC Xtreme® Product Demo: A mock urinal system packed with uric scale - easily and safely cleared using URIC Xtreme®. The test was set up by the maintenance team at Gatwick Airport. The product demonstration was carried out by Chemassist®.



How to use URIC XTREME.

URIC Xtreme is used neat, and is simply poured into the urinal. Start by pouring approximately 1 litre into the urinal bowl/trough, and wait for this to run away. Repeat after approximately 5 minutes (if necessary) - until the urinal flow is back to normal. No need to flush with water. Normally, a total application of between 1 and 5 litres will be sufficient to unblock a urinal. (Amount needed will depend on the severity of the blockage.)

Please Note: If necessary the urinal trap can be removed and submerged in URIC Xtreme for approximately 10 minutes. The calcium/protein (uric scale) deposits will dissolve very quickly. The urinal trap can then be easily reassembled.

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  • Christian, N/a 


    13th Mar 2022

  • Chris Beresford, Christ Church Woking 

    We are a small organisation with busy toilets and use uric-xtreme a couple of times a year as PPM, because it works and safe. Ordering and delivery was no problem.

    15th Feb 2022

  • David Cordier, Smithfield Business Centre 

    A very efficient service was provided for both pre and after sales.

    15th Feb 2022

  • Simon Grant, Corinium Education Trust 

    Very easy and helpful order process of ordering a very good product

    7th Feb 2022

  • Wayne Jeffrey Harris, Harris Pub Co Ltd 

    Great service delivered next day. Quality product does the job.

    13th Jan 2022

  • Carole Cavanagh, Simpson Group Limited 

    Great service and prompt delivery, good price.

    12th Jan 2022

  • Darren Honour, Southampton Enterprise Centre 

    Very helpful and speedy service, would definitely recommend this product.

    14th Dec 2021

  • K. Yee, . 

    Cleared a slow running drain caused by scaling really well after a few applications. Expensive but a lot safer to use than the cheap strong acids which could damage your drain pipes. Excellent next day delivery service.

    20th Nov 2021

  • Janet Nicholas, Berry Gardens Ltd 

    Very helpful staff and speedy delivery.

    4th Nov 2021

  • charlie boxer, Italo Coffee Shop 

    very good service, helpful advice on phone, and very quick delivery am highly satisfied,

    6th Sep 2021

  • Mark, The Highcliffe  

    Works fine arrived quickly Although I only needed 4ltr I recommend this product

    27th Aug 2021

  • Tina, NCC Building & Civil Eng Cont  

    Excellent next day service and brilliant product !!! We have used this several times to clear blockages that have caused problems in schools for years. Highly recommended.

    27th Aug 2021

  • A Barstow , Star Bright Facility Services  

    First class, delivered on time. Extreme Urinal Unblocker !! We have now used this product at 3 site and it has work perfectly at clearing blocked urinals and slow flowing urinals Great Product !!

    20th Jul 2021

  • James Smith, VESTAS 

    First class customer care, lightning quick delivery and an excellent product.

    1st Jun 2021

  • Sue Bryant, Giffards Primary School 

    We had tried lots of other chemicals over the last few months as well as removing and thoroughly cleaning all of the pipework we could get to (gruesome in the extreme!) to no avail. Then Uric Extreme was recommended to us. It worked the very first time, we only used 3 litres out of the 20 - amazing! The caretaker then poured some into other urinals that were running very slowly and they must have been blocked too as they are now running so much better once more, for the first time in ages. So impressed we have now purchased the maintainer to ensure that all urinals are consistently flowing freely. Ordering was easy, delivery really quick. Thank you!

    1st Jun 2021

  • Denise Hook, Zytek Automotive Ltd 

    The service received was outstanding, very helpful and obliging. The goods where dispatched efficiently and received items within a few days. When we had problems with credit card payment, I spoke to a gentlemen who reassured me that the goods would still be dispatched and payment would be sorted there after which it was, but was impressed that the goods was still sent and payment was not a problem. Thank you for your support and understanding. Denise

    4th May 2021

  • John, Floral Hall Hornsea East Yorks 

    This stuff works everytime the urinals block up. and is the best I have used yet for the dry urinals. Ordered one day came the next. Brilliant service. Thanks.

    4th May 2021

  • Antony Hooper, Blake Warehouse 

    This product works well. When i had a block before i had to take the panels off to get to the trap. This time i just poured in the chemical and let it do the work. I will use it ongoing to keep it clear.

    26th Apr 2021

  • D.T.Hickliong, British Parachute School 

    Well, its worked, but had to use two full loads of the liquid to get it clear. Will let you know how we go on with the system now its clear. Dave Hickling.

    21st Apr 2021

  • Darren, Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue 

    Excellent Service - Quick delivery. Product works extremely well

    22nd Mar 2021

  • Malcolm Smith, Babcock Critical Services 

    Excellent Service 5 star rating

    1st Mar 2021

  • Mark , Oneserve 

    Excellent product works everytime

    8th Feb 2021

  • Norma Ardern, Freshfield C&S 

    Worked like a dream on the factory urinal, will definitely buy again. N Ardern

    16th Nov 2020

  • Andrew Lawrence, Burford GC Ltd 

    Easy to order, quick delivery and although it took a few days of application it finally cleared a full blockage without any need to remove pipework etc. Will use now periodically to maintain clean pipes.

    24th Jul 2020

  • Aden Taylor, JP ENTERPRISES 

    Great product. Fast Delivery. Worked a treat.

    15th May 2020

  • Carrie Gunton, Mauveworx Ltd 

    Customer friendly website, fast delivery, excellent product.

    23rd Mar 2020

  • Martin Green, Sebastopol Inns Limited 

    I was extremely pleased and impressed by the speed of delivery following the placement of my order.

    6th Mar 2020


    Used the product for the first time and to be honest was a bit sceptical, however, having a urinal that was completely blocked, it was clear within 1 hour - far better than anything I have ever tried previously. Fantastic service from Chemassist into the bargain!!!

    13th Feb 2020

  • Julian Keeling, Vindis Group Ltd 

    Painless and helpful service from Chemassist. Purchasing online was really easy and it arrived with the COSHH data sheet. So far the product is just what we’re looking for and has worked a treat. I really hope this proves to be the ’something’ that, at long last, will unblock a urinal quickly and efficiently. So far it has and all is looking good for a far easier future

    21st Jan 2020

  • Paul Hull, Bishop Tufnell Primary school 

    used this in a large primary school where the first floor urinals drain into the same waste as the ground floor ones, blockage somewhere between the two and not able to get rods down due to bends in the pipe work the pipe work was completely blocked not allowing any water to flow, we put the product in at the end of the school day, the next day there was a slight flow, treated again and the blockage cleared, we have used before and would use again

    8th Jan 2020

  • paul clare, Mark thompson transport ltd 

    Does what it says on the bottle clears blockages fast, easy ordering & fast delivery.

    16th Dec 2019

  • Phil, Bletchley Park 

    First and foremost the service from Chemassist was great. Purchasing online was really easy. COSHH data sheet arrived without request. Product arrived in a very timely manner. The product is just what we’re looking for and worked a treat. It’s so exciting to find something at long last that will unblock a urinal quickly and efficiently. I say exciting because we’ve tried all sorts in the last few years to no avail.

    11th Dec 2019

  • Kaz, Bentley District Village Club 

    Fantastic company to deal with 5* service

    11th Nov 2019

  • K Midgley, Fasset  

    We have used this product before and we will probably use it again, great for the problem areas of reduced flow due to the build up of scale etc

    29th Oct 2019

  • Jane W, ..... 

    Great product. Got the urinals flowing fast without having to call a plumber. Have recommended to the plumber now.

    25th Oct 2019

  • David Wikllis, Box And Seal 

    Brilliant product, the urinals had stopped flowing completely, I poured in as much has I could before it overflowed, about 1/2ltr into the 2 urinals and left it for about 30mins and I could see that it had started to go down, so I left it a bit longer until I could put at least a litre down and within an hour it was clear. Would definitely reccomend

    21st Oct 2019

  • Roger, Hare Street School 

    Five Stars!

    21st Oct 2019

  • Jim Nuttall, Shimadzu Research Laboratory  

    Excellent product. Used approx 2 litres and cleared v. slow draining urinal within minutes. No more floods! Used remainder of bottle in three other urinals to ensure they are draining freely. Very good, simple ordering. Will certainly use in future.

    12th Jul 2019

  • Barbara Day, Copperchase Ltd. 

    Contacted this company as we had a problem with our urinal, extremely fast delivery and product worked excellently. Quite an expensive product but you get what you pay for and this did the job perfectly. Definitely recommend supplier and product.

    13th Jun 2019

  • A. Fomin, Spiral Systems 

    Excellent. Worked exactly in 10 minutes. All clear now.

    26th Feb 2019

  • Chris Lindesay, Sun Inn Dunsfold Ltd 

    Sorted out our problem very quckly. My only comment is with a minumum order of 20 Litres being delivered in two boxes containing two 5 litre containers and using only 3 litres to resolve the problem. I felt that I now have to store 3 containers for a long time and there is a lot of cost in there. I felt I was being force stocked unecessarily. However I managed to sell half my order on very easily. great product but i wonder about the business model.

    19th Feb 2019

  • Kate,  

    This worked rapidly and gave excellent results. It was easy to use and free from odours. I wish I`d discovered it earlier. The ordering and delivery process was extremely smooth.

    5th Feb 2019

  • Christine Hague, Toutes Directions Limited 

    I can say with confidence that, after researching many Uric solutions on the internet, your website seemed the most easy to follow and as an added bonus it was the cheapest too. Whereas other sites seemed to be sometimes a little vague about their product yours was informative and simple to understand. We placed the order on Friday and called to make sure we had ordered the correct amount. The call was answered by a knowledgeable and friendly chap who reassured we had the correct amount and that it should be with us by Monday. Monday, as promised, the containers arrived and with a little apprehension we followed the easy instructions. Hey presto! We had four unblocked urinals in no time at all, after being completely blocked for a number of weeks! No nasty chemical smells or harmful fumes either. To say we are satisfied with your Uric Xtreme would be an understatement, we are over the moon! Thank you so much!

    21st Jan 2019

  • Derek Morris, Hogarths Hotel 

    Excellent product, dealt with a very difficult blockage issue as described in the product write up, would definitely recommend.

    2nd Jan 2019

  • Ross Graham, Iver Technical Services Ltd 

    Quick delivery.Product worked well first time. All urinals are now running freely. Will definately buy this product again.So much better than removing the urinals.

    20th Nov 2018

  • Jos Binns, Radstock Museum 

    Delivered in a couple of days this treatment worked almost instantly to clear a completely blocked urinal drainage system. Urinals now back to normal and without the expense of a drain clearance firm

    24th Oct 2018

  • Dave Porter, Mitie 

    Very happy with your prompt and efficient service.

    9th Oct 2018

  • Paul Hull, Bishop Tufnell Primary school 

    first class product, used on two blocked urinals , one on the first floor and one on the ground floor, the waste pipe between the two completely blocked, we put the product down the the pipe and left overnight , the next morning it was completely clear, quick delivery, a bit expensive but far cheaper then paying for a drain clearing company to come on site

    28th Sep 2018

  • Bev Harris, Environment Agency 

    Brilliant stuff, excellent service & delivery. I would definitely recommend this product.

    14th Sep 2018

  • Mark Callaghan, The Gate Hangs Well 

    Brilliant - pour it in, leave it, job done

    9th Jul 2018

  • mark leatherland, Jet Rod 

    Very pleased with the whole experience.

    4th Jun 2018

  • Les Staples, Newington CP School 

    Good service provided from Chemassist the product it`s self is excellent

    14th May 2018

  • Amanda Lourenco, B&S Group 

    Very good product. swift delivery. thank you Chemassist.

    14th May 2018

  • Kris Kotlarz, Chas A Blatchford & Sons Ltd 

    Excellent product good service from Chemassist .

    23rd Apr 2018

  • Chris Brindley, The Wheatsheaf 

    Amazing stuff,

    21st Apr 2018

  • Alan, Apsley Paper Trail, Frogmore. 

    Fantastic product. We`re a small charity so every penny counts. Using this has saved us paying for outfalls to be replaced.

    20th Apr 2018

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