Guaranteed Urinal Unblocker

Urinal Unblocker & Urinal Maintainer

URIC XTREME - Urinal Unblocker: For Clearing a Urinal Blockage.

URIC XTREME® Clears a Urinal Blockage.

URIC® FREEFLO Prevents a Urinal Blockage.



URIC XTREME® is a quick, easy and safe to use urinal unblocker for treating protein/calcium (uric scale) build-up in ceramic, plastic and stainless steel urinals traps - and the pipework leading from them. Its unique formula (based on phosphoric acid) has been designed for optimum use as a "one-dose" urinal unblocker. Simply poured into the urinal. Use on blocked or slow running urinals.

URIC XTREME - Urinal Unblocker


URIC XTREME® can be used safely on all types of urinal, and urinal pipework (including waterless urinals). It has no odour and will not give off any harsh fumes. It is both easy and safe to use, and will dissolve any calcium/protein (uric scale) deposits that have led to a blockage. Use URIC Xtreme® when the urinal is completely blocked or the flow severely restricted.


Watch URIC XTREME® Clear a Urinal Blockage.

URIC Xtreme® Product Demo: A mock urinal system packed with uric scale - easily and safely cleared using URIC Xtreme®. The test was set up by the maintenance team at Gatwick Airport. The product demonstration was carried out by Chemassist®. 



URIC XTREME® is Guaranteed to Unblock Any Urinal.

Chemassist® guarantee the performance of URIC XTREME® - Urinal Unblocker: Provided that the product has been used as per the "method of use" given on the product label, and that the product has been used within the shelf life of 2 years - a full financial refund or product replacement, is available to any client not entirely satisfied with the product’s performance. Read More >



Key Feature of URIC XTREME® - Urinal Unblocker.

• Quick, easy and safe to use.

• Odourless and non-fuming.

• Urinal block can remain open whilst being used.

• Cannot be overused.

• Safe on ceramic, stainless steel and plastic.

• Contains no sulphuric or hydrochloric acid.

• Compatible with any make of urinal system.

• 2 year shelf-life. 

URIC XTREME - Urinal Unblocker



Also Available. URIC® FREEFLO - Urinal Maintainer.

Once the urinal blockage has been cleared, URIC® Freeflo should be used. Used regularly it will prevent urinal blockages from returning in the future.

URIC FREEFLO - Urinal Maintainer


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