Regular Use Urinal Maintainer

Urinal Maintainer & Urinal Unblocker 

URIC® FREEFLO - Urinal Maintainer: For Preventing a Urinal Blockage.

URIC XTREME® Clears a Urinal Blockage.

URIC® FREEFLO Prevents a Urinal Blockage.



URIC® FREEFLO has been developed for the specific treatment of protein/calcium (uric scale) build-up in ceramic, plastic or stainless steel urinal traps and the pipework leading from them. It is a unique formula based on phosphoric acid, and has been designed for optimum use as a urinal maintainer. Can be simply poured into the urinal. Use to prevent blockages returning in the future.

URIC FREEFLO - Urinal Maintainer


URIC® Freeflo has no odour and will not give off any harsh fumes. It is therefore both easy and safe to use, and if used regularly it will prevent scale build-up, thus preventing blockages from occurring in the future.


Create a Dosing Reminder.

We can remind you to dose: To keep your urinal system clear of blockages – it is important to dose URIC® FREEFLO each and every month. You can request a dosing reminder for one or multiple areas. Simply complete the 2 Step form – it only takes a few minutes. You will then receive your monthly reminder(s) via email - it will also contain a link to reorder.

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Key features of URIC FREEFLO - Urinal Maintainer.

• Quick, easy and safe to use.

• Odourless and non-fuming.

• Urinal block can remain open whilst being used.

• Cannot be overused.

• Safe on ceramic, stainless steel and plastic.

• Contains no sulphuric or hydrochloric acid.

• Compatible with any make of urinal system.

• Costs as little as £3.30 per month, per urinal.

• 2 year shelf-life.

URIC FREEFLO - Urinal Maintainer



Also Available. URIC XTREME® - Urinal Unblocker.

If the urinal is completely blocked or the flow severely restricted, URIC Xtreme® should be used first. It is a "one dose" treatment and is dosed manually, by pouring directly into the urinal. Use URIC Xtreme® to clear a blocked or slow running urinal.

URIC XTREME - Urinal Unblocker


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